Niagara Barrel Racing Club

Isabel & Ross Edwards have been in the horse world for the past 8 years but moved into the Barrel Horse world in 2015.

Their drive for this sport came from their daughter Olivia who had been on horseback since the age 2.

2.5 years ago Dominic, their son, joined in on the sport and proved to be a natural when it comes to Barrel Racing.

They have traveled all over North America and have been to many great events at different clubs and wanted to bring the professionalism they have seen to Ontario.

The entire goal of this organization is to create a fun place where all feel welcome. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced Barrel Racer you are cheered on and encouraged all the same.

There are many fun things in store for the 2020 season but eyes are already set in bringing an amazing series to Ontario in 2021 like never seen before in Ontario.

We are happy to be working with OBRA for the August & September shows for 2020. Members who attend our events will gain points towards their year end. 

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