2020 September 

Boots & Spurs Showdown

September 18-20  2020

We are going to be the first club in Ontario to say thank you to each and every competitor, sponsor, event staff, family member and everyone involved in this amazing sport of ours and wish you all a safe and wonderful winter break and we will see you all in 2021.

What a way for us to end the season. 197 horses were here to join with us on who knew what would be the last show for us 2020.

I am seeing the posts all over social media this morning challenging the guidelines that have just been presented and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we respect everyone’s input.

The Town of Pelham and their Bi-Law department have been a dream to work with through all of this pandemic. And getting the sad news yesterday they still gave us the green light to finish the day off and end with an amazing day of barrel racing.

Even though there may be loop holes in these new guidelines, with our numbers so big and growing it would make it very difficult and risky to try to continue our last 2 shows. We are all about the safety of our competitors and their families and look forward to seeing you all next season!

Nov 20-22 ALL IN BARREL RACING Championships Futurity & Slot Race will be moved to 2021. We will be posting the full event flyer in the next few days. All participants with slots will be contacted and given the first right of refusal to continue to hold their space.

October 9-11 NBRC Season Opener will be moved to May 2021. We will have this date and location in the next few days as well.

All stall money received for our Ancaster show Oct 9-11 will be fully refunded.

Refunds for today will start going out tomorrow and will be fully paid by weeks end.

When Isabel and I decided to start a Club here in Ontario it was our goal to make a place everyone felt welcome. And everyone no matter what your riding level is at is encouraged and supported by each and every person at our event.

I truly feel in 4 shows we absolutely did this. We had horses from Quebec, Rodeo, and even had Americans trying to come join our events. We had competitors that had thrown in the towel on barrel racing start to fit back their horses and want to come back and enjoy this sport we all love.

To our sponsors THANK YOU! I cannot say that enough. The outpouring of support from each and every one of you is overwhelming. It’s truly amazing the list of incredible sponsors that support the NBRC. We look forward to working with each and everyone of you in 2021.

Ontario Stallions for Ontario Horseman incentive is in full swing. Tickets are already selling and we will stick with the Draw date of Nov 21,2020. Please contact us or Paula Sherwood for a ticket at a chance of winning a breeding to these absolutely incredible stallions. You get 12 chances with 1 ticket. We will be launching a Separate website in the next 2 weeks for this incentive. It will have links to all of these stallion owners pages and we strongly recommend looking to them for their young horses to own an incentive horse for years to come!

To the OBRA. Thank you so much for working with us sanctioning shows for your members 2020. It made it so easy when 2 professional organizations work together and our numbers proved it. I truly look forward to working together in 2021 to sanction more events for your members.

To my staff, grounds crews, tractor drivers, office staff you are rock stars! It makes running shows of these sizes simple! Tina S you keep me grounded all weekend.

As I sign off here again THANK YOU ALL!!!! Finishing our season with 197 horses sure is a great way to end the season.

Stay tuned for an incredible 2021 season it’s going to be so much fun.


Refunds for Sunday September 20, 2020 will be paid back via e-transfer by the weeks end. If someone did not receive their refund by September 27, 2020 please contact us via email. Thank you. 

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